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We recently have had the honour of being accepted as a General Motors certified repairer. Although the sad news of the retirement of the Holden brand in Australia, there are still over 1 million Holden on our roads. GM has now taken charge of the established Holden repairer network and has included HSV and Chevrolet brands along with Holden to form the General Motors repair network. 


We had to meet strict criteria and have a high standard of quality repairs and customer service among other requirements. Being a GM certified repairer we must use Genuine Parts, undertake continuous training, and follow all the correct GM repair procedures.


The GM Certified Repairer will also conduct a full electronic system check after repairs using the same diagnostic equipment & processes exclusive to Holden Service Outlets.


This will give you peace of mind that your Holden has had a safe & proper repair ensuring that it will operate as it was designed & continue to be as safe as it was before it was damaged.


It’s an exclusive privilege to be a GM Certified Collision Repairer and one that isn’t handed out to just anyone.

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